Paul was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Scott A. and Doris L. Sinclair (Clemmer) in February 1941. Paul attended Queen Elizabeth High School and Mount Royal College. He loved sun and cycling so much so that he cycled to and from his airline job at the Phoenix International Airport every day, even during the summer at high noon. He also road to work in Palm Springs, San Jose, Memphis and San Diego.

He retired after 40 years of working for West Coast, Air West, Hughes Air West, Republic and finally Northwest Airlines. He did everything from customer service from the ticket counter, to the ground operations, to air freight, bringing in the large Boeing 747 and many other aircraft comprising the fleets of all of these airlines. He loved his job.

His retirement years brought him great satisfaction where he could put his kind heart into action. He and his wife Dora, spent many weeks each year volunteering with International Gospel Ministry in Kino Bay, Sonora, Mexico. They were the support team for many years in Mexico with IGM. “Pablo” was well loved by the people in this small fishing community, as they went about helping the poor and needy in this village. Paul was a strong yet kind man who realized at a very young age that he should temper his greater physical strength when playing with his friends. 

“Some say it’s the strength from muscles
That helps you win life’s tussles
But we’ve seen you impart
A gentleness from your heart
That is stronger than brute force
For it followed love’s sweet course.”

Paul will never be forgotten for he lives in the hearts of all who knew him: His family, wife Dora L. (Mueda) Sinclair, his son Randy Sinclair, his daughter Lisa Kyser, Dora’s daughter, Rebecca Keeney-Clark, and son, John Keeney. Paul’s sister Joann Elliott and brother Douglas Sinclair as well as his many grandchildren, Whitney, Katrina, Ryan, Reece, Spencer, Sophia and Jackson…who he loved dearly. He goes to meet his Lord, and awaits all who will come after.


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