After a long battle with cancer, Jim passed away on September, 24, 2013.

Following his discharge from the United States Marine Corps, and completion of Weaver Airline School in Kansas City, Jim began his career with Bonanza Airlines in 1961. Jim was born in New Brighton, PA on August, 8, 1938, and grew up in Pennsylvania.

Jim worked for Bonanza Airlines, Air West, Hughes Airwest, Republic Airlines and Northwest Airlines from 1961 until retirement in 1999 from Northwest. Jim was a Senior Agent with Air West and Hughes Airwest for a number of years, and worked for three years in Los Angeles following the closure of Ontario by Republic in 1985, and the opening of Ontario by Northwest in 1988. He returned to Ontario as a Customer Service Agent in 1988 until his retirement in 1999.

Jim is survived by his wife Laurie and daughter Tina


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