Gary M. Surrency
Inflight - LAS
Nov 5, 2004


Gary Michael Surrency, 52, of Las Vegas, died Nov. 5, 2004. He was a steward for Northwest Airlines. Memorial service will be at 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13, at Connecting Point Christian Church, 3630 N. Rancho Drive, #107.

Gary entered into the world on January 5th 1952 in Fort Myers Florida. He was the son of Harvie and Evelyn Surrency and brother to Glenda and John. He lived in Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, California, and Nevada during his life. He began a career with Hughes Airline after graduation from highschool in Gilroy, California. He worked for the airline through transition to Republic and Northwest. He left the airline in 1994 and worked at various trades until his death. He enjoyed work and was a people pleaser who made many friends and acquaintances. He enjoyed sports and one of his greatest joys was a fast boat and a faster motor cycle. He traveled to many places and saw many sites on the way. He lived a life that held many peaks and valleys and will be remembered for the "good times".

This email was received from Gary's sister on 3/1/05

Thank you for listing Gary in your tribute column. He truly loved his airline and his many friends. Thanks also to all who corresponded at the time of his death. The cards and letters were very meaningful at this time. Gary was cremated and his ashes will be scattered with our Dad's remains. He has a Memorial marker at Paradise Gardens Cemetery  in Las Vegas, on the Memory Walls toward the back of the Property.


Glenda Surrency

"Gary's  Sister"


205 East Crossville Road

Roswell, Ga.30075