Catherine (Dollarhide) Ruppelt
Flight Attendant - SFO
April 13, 2002

Cathy Ruppelt passed away at her home in Naples, Florida, on April 13, 2002.  She had been battling breast cancer for four years and it finally got the best of her.

Cathy attended Long Beach State University and graduated with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education.  She taught elementary education in San Mateo, California, until she joined Hughes Airwest in 1972.  She flew with Airwest, Republic and then Northwest, until she retired in 1983.  Except for short details in SEA, LAS and MSP Cathy was based mainly in SFO.  During that time she called Foster City, California, home.  After her retirement she married James Ruppelt and they lived for a time in Hawaii, Minnesota and Florida.

Anyone who ever came in contact with Cathy will remember her.  She was a very likeable person.  She had a bubbly personality and never, ever, had a bad thing to say about anyone.  She always had a positive attitude about everything.  Her happiness seemed to rub off on all who met her.  If the world had more people like Cathy it would be a better place.

Cathy had a long list of friends, many that are still with the Airlines, that she stayed in contact with. 

Any discussion that Cathy ever got into about her flying career always ended with stories about the "Good old Fairchild days."  She enjoyed very much the time she spent being a flight attendant.

She will be missed 

Cathy's husband, Jim Ruppelt can be contacted by email at