Fred K. Merha
March 2, 2000

Captain Fred K. Merha passed away on March 2, 2000.  Ever since he was a teenager, flying was his passion.  His love for flying began as a civilian flight instructor for the Army Air Corps during World War II  at Thunderbird and Falcon Fields in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Once the War drew to an end, he began his 33 year career as a  commercial pilot, first flying for Southwest Airways, which became Pacific Airlines.   As the airline continued to grow (AirWest, Hughes AirWest, and then Republic when he retired), he never lost his passion and love for flying. 

Sadly he was forced to retire at 58 due to a very mild heart attack.  He worked unceasingly to try to return to active status and get the age 60 mandatory  retirement changed.  Unfortunately he did not live to see the change to age 65 occur.  But, you can be sure that he is flying up in heaven!

He was a devoted husband, father and grandfather.  He was survived by his wife, Margaret (Mac) who has since gone to join him in heaven.  He is survived by his 3 daughters, Barbara, Debbie and Patricia, 3 grandchildren and now 2 great grandchildren.