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 Photos from this year's Phoenix Reunion will be available soon.  


Did you work for Hughes Airwest and would you like to participate in an oral history interview? SFO Museum is currently conducting oral history interviews with former Hughes Airwest employees. Interviews are recorded, transcribed, bound, and catalogued for permanent placement in the Aviation Library where they are made available to scholars, historians, and the public. If you are interested in preserving your memories of working for the airline please contact SFO Museum Curator of Aviation Dennis Sharp at 650 821-6780 or   

Dennis Sharp
Curator of Aviation | SFO Museum

San Francisco International Airport | P.O. Box 8097 |
San Francisco, CA 94128

Tel 650-821-6780 |





Hughes Airwest Employee Newsletters

Of all the Hughes Airwest memorabilia I have hung on to over the years, the most treasured by me are the monthly newsletters that were produced over the years by various people in our PR department.  I have collected these treasures all the way back to early Air West ’68 and even back to the days when I was with PC.  Often I will use them for reference on requests for information about our 14 years of existence (1968 thru 1980).  Other times I just enjoy going back and looking through various issues with the idea of helping me refresh old memories, guess what, it works

We were blessed over the years by the great group of people who were responsible for turning out those treasures.  The trend was started in ’68 at the merger by continuing “Air West”, the awarding winning publication done by Don Gooding of WCA that served as an employee newsletter as well as an inflight magazine.  Yes, it was called “Air West” long before the RW merger was ever dreamed up.

Don hired a guy by the name of Ken Jensen who was not to long out of the University of Utah who could not only write but take great photos as well.   After we became Hughes Airwest, Lee Pitt came on board as Director of Public Relations and assumed responsibility for publication of the paper.  Lee hired Ralph Henn in 1974 to be the full-time editor of the employee newsletter.

With some help over the years, I have been able assemble a collection of almost every issue.  I can’t say that I have them all because there is no list of the actual publishing dates. I have 125 issues that I have scanned at 300dpi.  They are in separate PDF files that can easily be printed or viewed on your computer, tablet or even a smart phone.  If you are interested in having a copy of all 125 issues, I have them available on a 16 Gb USB Flash Drive for $25.  All you need to view them on your computer is Adobe Acrobat Reader which in all likelihood you already have.  If you don’t have the program, it can be downloaded and installed for free.  PDF files can also be read by Microsoft Edge which is part of Windows 10.    In addition I have included “Hughes Airwest – The Movie” and the WCA film called “Momentum” on each flash drive.

If you are interested in purchasing the flash drive, please send me your email and I will then email you a PayPal invoice for $25 that you can pay with any major credit card.  If you have a PayPal account, please send $25 to

Mail me a check for $25 to:
Tom Bailey
1941 W Santa Ana
Fresno, CA 93705

You can also email me any questions you have.





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Ladd Lindholm, Roger Niswander, Ray Moravek, Jimmy Wharton, Bonnie Hiller Fullerton, Renate Kolb, Ray Simons, Mike Donaho, Linda Barre, Cindy Stewart, Mary (Bush) Shipko, Jerry Butler, Ed Maymo, Shirley Rogers, Donna Tanfani,   , 



This Website is dedicated to the 3000+ men and women that made Hughes Airwest one of the leading "regional" airlines in the United States during the 1970's prior to the airline industry being deregulated by the federal government.

The Summa Corporation first announced their plans in 1979 to sell Hughes Airwest. In the fall of 1980, the assets were acquired by Republic Airlines.  Northwest Airlines then purchased Republic Airlines in 1986.  THE REST, AS THEY SAY, IS HISTORY!

" Stay tuned for further news!!!

Tom Bailey